I love just about everything I create in the kitchen.

Apparently, I’m my biggest fan. I made chicken salad last week and it was delectable. To me. Sandra and Keely were far less than enthusiastic. And I have long questioned their taste buds.

So, I made it again today. And because I like to try a variety of recipes(and not because I was trying to win their approval…cough, cough…), I altered my ingredients.

Sandra liked it. Yaaah for me.

Sometimes in life we have to change the recipe. Not getting the results you want on your diet and it’s been 6 weeks? Spice it up. Try exercise.

Still can’t get along with your neighbor? Throw in a dash of kindness.

Struggling with joy? Try over-seasoning with the Word and praise music. I’ve done this recently and it’s one situation in which a little too much won’t hurt the recipe.

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