You’ve heard about my walks with Toby. I’m pretty sure he’s bipolar. Or at least has split personalities. 

In the house he sleeps all day. As in all day all day. He has two favorite spots. One is on top of a sofa cushion that’s permanently marked with his impression and the other spot is beneath anyone’s blanket. 

I’m pretty sure that he was raised with cats. 

He doesn’t play, rarely barks, never moves and doesn’t really like anyone. Doesn’t that sound like a cat?

But when we go on walks, he transforms. He’s got this sudden burst of energy that he’s been saving up. He scampers off hopping through the grass letting his nose lead the way. He nearly pulls my arm out of the socket. 

Toby is a completely different species in a different environment. Full of energy and enthusiasm. 

Maybe a change in environment is good for all of us. 

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