I don’t like bullies. 

Ok, maybe I was a bully at times as a boy. But I grew up and over it. 

Some don’t. 

At the top of many corporations you’ll find bullies. People who used manipulation and scare tactics  as they stepped on anyone in their way. And they continue to be bullies to get whatever they want. I think it stems from fear. Fear that someone else will get more than they do. Fear that subordinates won’t respect them. Fear that they’re not smart enough to succeed any other way. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

I work for an owner who is completely opposite of a bully. He’s generous, kind and humble. He allows workplace freedom for us to use our talents and gifts to benefit the company-a national company with thousands of customers. He’s definitely a success. 

But he’s no pushover. When necessary he’s humbly assertive. At those times he’s built up enough relationship credit with kindness that you listen and respect what he’s saying. And you respond. 

It’s the better way to lead. 

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