There’s not a lot I can teach Will. I’m not handy. You all know that. 

Golf? Nope. 

Hunting or fishing? Sorry. 

Car repairs? You got to be kidding. 

Woodworking? No again. 

Math word problems? My efforts to help him last week were an epic fail. 

So while I can’t fill his life with quality time teaching him many things, I try to compensate with quantity. This creates opportunities for teachable moments. 

Like today at the grocery store. Eggs were on sale but there was a limit set on what you could buy. I needed 2 more than that limit. I put them in the buggy. Will rolled his eyes. He’s not a rebel. 

I got in line to pay and said to the cashier, “I want to ask permission to buy 2 more than the limit.” 

She replied that I couldn’t. 

Ok, no worries. I completely understand. 

I was nice in asking. She was courteous in her response and I was pleasant in accepting the answer. I had Will put 2 cartons back. 

Then her coworker mentioned that I could do it as a separate transaction. They just can’t have more than the limit on the receipt. So I gave Will $2 to buy the 2 dozen he just restocked. I think he rolled his eyes again, but he’s such a good boy. 

In the car I explained to Will that the Bible teaches that we don’t have because we don’t ask. And if we ask, we can receive. Also, as Christians we can be bold as lions and unafraid in asking for anything. As long as we are humble and nice in the asking. Bold and humble are not mutually exclusive. Some of the boldest people I know are the most humble. 

And maybe this lesson will serve Will better than knowing how to cut a 45 degree angle with a Miter box. 

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