Happy Easter everyone! 

I have a great story to share. On Saturday mornings young Prince Will and I go out for breakfast and we do a Bible study. Life happens and we don’t make it every week, but most. We’re reading Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ for Kids. 

We missed last week so I had no idea what chapter we’re on or the topic. We opened the Kindle app to chapter 8 yesterday and guess what the topic was.  You’re right. 

The resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Just happened to be the next chapter for us to read. On Easter weekend. Call it a coincidence if you want. I call it God’s impeccable timing. Or Him “working out all things for good.” 

I couldn’t have planned it any better. I never knew which Saturday’s we’d miss. 

His ways are definitely higher and better than mine. 

He is risen. Indeed. 

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