There’s some things I can’t think about. I just have to do. Without thinking. 

Like obey God about tithing. Which I have in the past struggled. 

Because I thought about it. 

And I reasoned that the math didn’t work out to tithe and pay all the bills and keep the kids in mac-n-cheese. So I rationalized not tithing. Surely God wants my kids to eat. 

But I was always stressed out, worried and fearful. 

I finally decided that I’d see how it would go doing things God’s way. 

Thank God for Elevation’s Smart Giving texting. As soon as a check comes in, the tithe gets texted right out. I can’t allow myself to think about it. I don’t trust me. 

I trust Him. 

The other day I got a small check and for a nanosecond I considered not tithing then and just catching it up on the next big check. But God said to me that whoever is faithful in the small things can be trusted with bigger things. 
So while things are still tight, I’m tithing, getting all the bills paid and the kids aren’t starving. And most of all, I’m way less stressed and worried. How? 

God’s math. God’s peace. 

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