Will and I started a jogging routine 7 days ago. Our goals are to run 5 days out of 7 for at least 30 minutes. After the 5th run we reward ourselves with TCBY.

Today made our 2nd run. In a week.

I’ll have my AARP discount by the time we get to TCBY.

I’m not worried about our slow start. I’m thankful that we had a 2nd run. I’m living for the line and not the dot on the line. This will be a long term commitment and a year from now after we’ve filled up our TCBY rewards card 7 times, the slow start of our first week will be long forgotten.

And there will always be weeks that we can only get 2 or 3 runs in, but as long as we remain focused on our goals, we will be better off in the long run. Pun not intended, but it’s a good one.

Five years down the road we will still have hundreds of runs checked off the list even if we miss the mark a lot. Or we could do nothing.

Zig Ziglar said that overweight people choose to be overweight. Eating isn’t accidental. It’s a choice. It’s the same with exercise. You choose to stay on the couch or you choose to go for a run.

These choices shape your life. Pun intended.

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