For my recent major achievement I’d like to thank a few people. First, Arthur for his expert and precise diagnosis. Next, Steve in this video. I guess YouTube, too. And as far as that goes, Al Gore for inventing the internet to host YouTube and Amazon Prime where I purchased and got free 2 day shipping on the object of my major accomplishment. 

Finally, and most importantly, there’s God who gave me the courage to try. 

It is truly amazing. 

I replaced the heating element on my old dryer.  Arthur commented that the Dennis he knew 10 years ago would have bought a new dryer. Maybe. Or at least waited on Arthur to fix it. 

But this Dennis is tired of being scared and entirely dependent upon others. Just because I didn’t learn how to do DIY stuff growing up doesn’t mean I have to be incompetent my whole life. 

Zig Ziglar said that we can be our most creative and powerful as we grow older. 

It’s a choice. 

Oh, yes. Thanks also to the mailman for delivering the package. 


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