I mentioned in a previous post that Will and I started a jogging routine and we got off to a slow start. Our goal was 5 runs in a week. Well, yesterday marked our 5th run. In 2 weeks. 

Yeah, it took twice as long to accomplish the goal, but I’m still happy because we started and stuck with it. It’s 5 more than we had 2 weeks ago. It’s 5 more than people who are still sitting on the couch binging on Netflix.

Oh, that was me. Was me.

Joe Sabah said that you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. We’re on our way.

At our current pace we’ll have 120 runs in a year. I’ll take that. Will says we can aim higher.

I love that boy.

And I’m loving this yogurt!



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