The doorbell rang. Not an unheard of event but it was 10:30pm. 

My instinctive reaction was to do a quick headcount. The last I checked all my kids and Sandra were at home. 

It’s too late for the Girl Scouts to sell cookies. 

I threw on some clothes and went downstairs to open the door. Uh oh. 

It was a deputy sheriff. What did one of my kids do? Certainly nothing. What did I do? I began to ponder the statute of limitations…

It never crossed my mind to question what my wife did. She’s an angel. 

Turns out that we were all in the clear. A couple of months earlier I donated our old van to the kidney foundation and it was found vandalized and abandoned. I was still the registered owner. Better check again. I let that sucker go with paperwork to prove it. 

But how often do we let things go that still come knocking on our doors? Bitter memories, hurt feelings, personal offenses? We have to slam the door, lock it and declare that we’re over it and move on. Forgive whoever hurt us and decide that they can’t control us anymore. 

God signed the paperwork that declares we don’t own these burdens any longer. 


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