It was after work and I was doing one of my favorite things. Nothing. Just kicked back in the recliner. 

Will saddles up beside me and I’m reminded of one of the things that I least like to do. Running. 

Tonight would be the 3rd run this week. 

“Will, I could talk myself out of running tonight.” 

Pure hyperbole. I didn’t need to do any talking. 

“Yeah, we don’t have to run,” Will said. 

Shazam! He’s so easy to get along with. 

Then he adds, “But we should.”


I’m blessed to have a couple of good friends, Joel and Arthur, who hold me accountable(to the degree that I allow them. I do know how to not answer my phone and respond to texts) and now it looks like I have another accountability partner. 

It’s a good thing. I need it. And Will is much harder to ignore. 

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