I love fire. 

Even the single flame of a candle works for me. Just ask my daughters because I keep stealing theirs. 

But I really love campfires. 

Last night Will and I got a late start to one and the most surprising thing happened. An impromptu family gathering broke out. 

It was like a family flash mob. But no dancing(I’m probably misusing that expression because I’m not hip and relevant).  

It was cool. One by one they marched out the back door like ants.  I built it and they came. I’m not modern, but I do know my 80’s movies. 

Everyone loves a campfire. And I loved the rare, spontaneous time that we all shared. Trying to plan family time with 2 teenagers is like herding cats. 

Occasionally the girls popped up their heads from their snap chat machines to answer Will’s random questions. 

What’s the weirdest thing in life you can think of?

Which do you like best fire or rain? 

Will’s favorite times of life are when we are all together and he was making sure his sisters were engaged. 

For me, I like fire and rain. I’ll take whatever elements necessary to spend more times like these with the family. 


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