So as the day dawns on the 9th anniversary of my 40th birthday, I reflect on how God has blessed me. And I’ve been reminded all day through Facebook, texts and phone calls that a few more people care for me than just those wonderful people under my roof(they’ve been good to me, also). 

It’s really a noteworthy thing. Something to not take for granted. Forty-nine years is enough time to tick off a lot of people or others to decide that they really don’t like you or maybe that their spouse doesn’t like you. And I’m sure that all of this has happened to me, but to survive 49 years and still have more than a handful of people take the time to acknowledge me is humbling and gratifying. Then those who went out of their way in time and money to show their love is overwhelming. 

Thank you all. Got to go. Joel is on his way to take me out to eat. See what I mean. 

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