Someone said that a good deed never goes unpunished. An exclusive term like “never” may be too strong, but it’s definitely true at times. I recently fell in love with the #10 at Firehouse Subs, the beef brisket and cheddar with Sweet Baby Rays bbq sauce. I love it so much that I downloaded the app so I could get rewards points. I’ll be going frequently. Today is double points day and since I had to run an errand in Monroe on my lunch break, I planned to go a bit out of my way for a #10.

Good deeds got in the way.

First, Sandra hears that I’m going to Monroe and asks me to return some library books. Ok, easy enough. I do that, knock out my own errand and then as I’m about to take a right towards Firehouse my mother calls. She forgot to pay her county water bill and if not paid today, she’s hit with a late fee. No problem. I’m close by and will pay it, I say as I look at the time slipping away. I walk into the county office to pay it and I’m told that they only take cash and checks, no debit cards. I’ve heard of cash and checks. I think I saw them recently on the Antique Roadshow. Has the County of Union not gotten the memo that we’re in the 21st century? I can use my iPhone, open an app and see my wife driving down the road 600 miles away, but I can’t use a debit card in Union County. Anyway, I ask the nice clerk how much the late fee is because I’m thinking my mom will just have to eat it. The water bill is $15 and the late fee is $10. Ugh…

So I head out the door and trek across the street and down the hill to Wells Fargo to withdraw the cash. I go back to the county office, pay the bill and look at the time. My mom’s not eating a late fee and I’m not eating a #10 for lunch.

There’s still hope for dinner. So if anyone calls me, texts me, Skypes me, FB messages me or hollers at me from the living room, my good deeds are done for the day!

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