I knew the power steering had a leak. A couple of times over the last year the steering was tight so I added fluid and drove on. As long as I had $5 I could keep buying fluid. No problem. I’m a bandaid kinda guy. 

But when my alternator went out, there’s no bandaid for it and the doctor wanted $500 for the transplant. Ugh. 

So I took it to Jeff at Nisstech and by the way, can you check the power steering fluid? He calls me later. About your power steering fluid. It’s definitely leaking …onto your alternator. It’s what took out the alternator by leaking on to the electrical components. Ca-ching. Another $500 to replace the pump. 
By ignoring one problem I effectively created another one. 

Ignore meet Consequence. 

Our Christian walk is no different. There are things that we tolerate that we should eliminate. But we don’t. We rationalize. And rationalization is the devil’s tool that keeps us from God’s best or worse, we eventually get bit. Playing with the snake may be exciting, but when you’re shocked and you ask why he bit you, he’ll say, because I’m a snake. That’s what I do. 

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