So, counting the ways I’ve tried to control my weight over the past 10 years:

  • Adkins diet
  • Myfitnesspal app
  • P90X
  • Ideal Protein
  • Anytime Fitness membership
  • A running program with Will
  • Aquatic center membership
  • Daily sit ups and push ups
  • Ketone diet
  • Transcendental meditation…surely I jest

So that’s one for every year since I turned 40. And I’m probably forgetting some.

I found that they all had one flaw.


I’d lose weight on a diet. The more expensive, the more dedicated I’d be. But then at some point, there’s an end. I reached my goal and then my goal would be to maintain. Keep it steady.

Then I’d remember how much I missed the taste of my homemade macaroni and cheese or ice cream, whatever.

P90X? I did that for a while, but did you know it takes 90 minutes?

It got too hot to run. And I hate to run.

Anytime Fitness was great for a couple of years, but to be honest there were times I didn’t feel like being there, so I didn’t push myself. I always went alone, but even if I’d gone with a buddy who encouraged me I’d just tell him to shut his pie hole.

So I’ve identified the problem and it’s me.

I may have found a solution. 9 Rounds kickboxing. Nine 3 minute rounds and I’m done. No appointments necessary. No set class times. I walk in, I walk out, sometimes crawl out, soaked in sweat and grateful that I survived without a coronary episode.

So why does it work for me? Because if I show up(and this is the point in the process that I could get in my own way), I’m going to get a great workout. There’s a personal trainer there to guarantee it. A person who’s paying attention and won’t let me mail it in and cross it off my to do list. Someone who barks at me if I slack up. I hate these people for 27 minutes-until I ring that bell at the end and walk out alive feeling better than on the way in.

It’s a formula that works. If I get through the front door.

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