cross against blue skyAs I read through the Old Testament I become grateful that Jesus came so that we live by grace now and not under the Old Testament laws. There were lots of rules, statutes and laws. And I for one love baby back ribs. But I think many people, me included, feel that Jesus let us off the hook. After all, He said that all of the laws could be summed up in just two: love God with all of your heart, soul and mind and love other people like you love yourself. Ponder that deeply, be honest with yourself and you’ll realize that Jesus let us off the Cross, but not off the hook. These 2 things are not easy.

Then He went to say a few more things. One is that the sin of adultery is a pretty easy threshold to cross. Just have a lustful thought. Next, the horrific sin of murder is committed if you’re angry with someone without cause. Finally, He takes away almost all valid excuses for divorce.

Jesus wasn’t a lighthearted pushover. His standards were very high and just as difficult to satisfy as the Old Testament laws. But fortunately for us who call Him our Savior, He gives us grace and forgiveness when we confess, repent and ask for it. So that as we fail, we can fail forward by His grace.

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