water drop

I dropped my iPhone in a body of water yesterday. And it wasn’t the Atlantic.

Impulsively, I reached down and snatched it up without considering if said body of water was clean. It was.

I pulled off the case and all was well. Or so I thought. The speakers didn’t work. I was sad. I just downloaded “This Side of Jordan” by Mandolin Orange.

I went to the Google machine and found oodles of articles on the subject matter. Put the phone in an airtight bag of rice for up to 48 hours. Doubtful.

I did give it 3. Still no sound. I tested the charging port and the lightning cable wouldn’t fit. Did the components swell? No. Rice was stuck in the hole.

Since the speakers didn’t work I tested the headphone jack. The plug wouldn’t go in. I extracted more rice. Great.

Then my genius daughter said to put the phone in a pair of pantyhose and then in the bag of rice. Ok. For extra measure I put the bag in a glass bowl with an airtight lid and then let it marinate for 15 hours.

It worked and I’m enjoying Mandolin Orange again. So my point in this post is twofold. One, don’t do the rice trick without pantyhose and two, to acknowledge that Shelby is pretty smart.

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