Drivcar driving in raine I-85 for a lengthy period of time and you will see different types of drivers. One is the Bat Out of Hell. He drives like the interstate is Daytona speedway. In and out of lanes, cutting other drivers off and going 20 mph faster than the fastest of other drivers.

Then there’s the PITAs who sit in the left lane going barely the speed limit or under  and they feel it’s their God-given right to do so. And the Bat is riding their bumpers while the PITAs tap their brakes.

The Contented driver stays in the middle lane with the steering wheel locked and eyes focused ahead with no plans to change lanes ever.

Then there’s me. Shelby asked why I was changing lanes so often. I’m not a Bat, but I drive offensively. I look for open lanes. I see a slow car ahead and try to find a way around it. If a Bat approaches me I respectfully move over. I have a speed that I like, slightly above the limit, and I want to drive it. I have somewhere to be.

We all have somewhere to be. We’re on the road for a reason. Yet our driving styles are different and because of that we will rub each other the wrong way occasionally. But we share the same road and we all want to reach our destinations safely. When we don’t respect other’s right to the road accidents happen. Road rage happens. And everyone gets shut down for a while.

Seriously though, PITAs, get out of the left lane.

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