Sunset over waterDeuteronomy is repetitive with God’s promises to the wilderness wandering Israelites. If they would obey His commands then He would make them strong so that they can go and take possession of the land He promised them. Land flowing with milk and honey. Land that God cares for and land that His eyes are always upon. Land that drinks water by the rain from Heaven. The Promised Land.

First, I appreciate the repetition. God really wanted them to get it. He wants us to get it. Yes, get the land, but also get His message. Just obey Him. He promised them a pretty easy life if they did.

Second, I see that obeying God’s Word makes us strong.

Third, He blesses our obedience. And our disobedience kindles His anger.

Fourth, we have to GO! Yes, the land is promised, but the Israelites still had to cross the Jordan. God didn’t give them a magic carpet ride over it. He did split it like the Red Sea and gave them dry ground to pass through. He made it as easy as He could.

Finally, take possession!

All these things apply to us today. Promises. Obedience. Strength. Go. Possess.

Don’t settle on the wrong side of the Jordan.

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