Golfing is a life skill. You can use it your whole life in personal and business pursuits. I imagine that politicians and business leaders cut more deals in a golf cart than in an office. Unfortunately, it’s a skill I never learned very well.

I’m determined that my son, Will, will learn the game. But I won’t be teaching him. What could I teach him? So I called my friend Mike who is a golf pro.

Will and I did hit some balls at the driving range today. He would ask me tips and I refused to answer most questions. I could show him how to slice, but I’m a better dad than that. We’ll wait on Mike.

I’m not blameless, yet wouldn’t the world be a better place if we kept quiet on everything in which we really know nothing?

2 thoughts

  1. You will never regret (him, you, me) from learning from the best you can. Save the middle e man who means well but who does not know the “real” answers and teaching is an investment in golf and Life that will pay serious dividends.

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