owl with orange eyesSo, trying to be a good husband today by getting Sandra’s car serviced. I realized that Saturday is not a great day to be a good husband.

The first place I stopped asked if I set an appointment online. I didn’t know that was a thing. Nope. The next appointment was 3 hours away. Thanks, but no thanks.

I go to a place across the street. I’ve never been there. This will be my first impression and I do pay attention. There were 3 employees at the service desk tending to 3 customers and there were 3 more waiting including me. I wait a couple of minutes. No one acknowledges those of us waiting in line. It’s just a simple little thing and takes about 12 seconds to say, thanks for coming in, we’ll be right with you. It’s a show of gratitude. We could have chosen 13 other businesses. But this simple little acknowledgement hardly ever happens these days. It didn’t happen at my first stop. When it does it’s remarkable.

After a couple more minutes, the female employee sticks her head into the service department and announces loudly that she’s not sending any more cars back there today. Then another employee walks into the front office and she repeats herself adding “not unless they can pick them up tomorrow.” None of this is in a friendly tone as you might hope since all of this is said in front of impacted customers waiting, observing and listening. It’s just matter of fact and a bit harsh.

I just don’t get it. How a business that depends on customers can ignore and practically flip a bird to the customer experience. I turned around and walked out. I can get this kind of service anywhere and get my car done today. Why would I want to return here tomorrow?

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