No Longer SlavesI recently wrote about albums that have marked me. Every now and then one song will speak directly into my soul like it was injected intravenously.

I can listen to it on repeat for an hour or more. It doesn’t happen often, but I’m currently hooked on one. It’s No Longer Slaves by Bethel Music.

It goes, “I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God.”  It’s an anthem for me. Thanks to my wife, Sandra for describing it as such.

Some people think (and I don’t really disagree) that some fear is beneficial. A healthy dose of fear (pun not intended) can be good for someone who eats right and gets to the gym several days a week because of a family history of heart disease and diabetes. A fear of losing market share can keep a business owner on top of her game.

But there are some things that shouldn’t shackle us. We shouldn’t be a slave to the fear of other people’s opinions. As Christ followers, God approves of us. What can man do to us? We shouldn’t fear the future. God has written the story and we know how it plays out. We also know that He will provide for our needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus. Look at the flowers, the birds in the air. We shouldn’t fear failure. God can use all things to work out for our good. Every failure is a lesson on how not to do it next time. We should fear not using the talents He’s given us.

So this song is a reminder to me and helps realign my mind to God’s purposes. We should be slaves to Christ, but not fear.

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