That’s what Gina, my massage therapist, told me. I was complimenting her on her diligent attention to detail. For example, In a recent session, I mentioned how I love the group, Mandolin Orange and particularly their album, This Side of Jordan. I’ve mentioned it here, too. 

So, on my next visit with her I walked into the massage room and This Side of Jordan was playing. Last night I had another appointment and she had created a playlist for me from Mandolin Orange’s four albums on Amazon Prime. 

Who does that? Who remembers to do stuff like that?

But she’s right. On that extra mile there’s no traffic, no competition. Everyone else stops when the minimum expectations are met-if you’re lucky and they get that far. 

Many people can give a great massage. Or teach well. Or wait tables adequately. But it’s special when you meet someone who brings more than the minimum to his or her work. 

It’s remarkable. And we all remark when we’ve experienced the services of someone who traveled that extra mile for us. 

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