Today is my 50th birthday. Don’t worry about gifts. I have one for you. The top 10 things I’ve learned in my 50 years. 

Here we go. Sorry about the poor formatting. 

10.  An expensive lesson. Don’t try to put your convertible top down while you’re driving. I learned that the hard way on vacation about 20 years ago driving a rental. Hey, it was my first time ever driving one. 

9. Chubby children. Closely related to number 10. A few years later I owned a convertible BMW and watched as my chubby little 3 year old daughter climb on the back of it. It was my second broken rear window. Lesson: keep your chubby kids off your car. 

8. Persistence pays. If you ask often enough Carrabbas will eventually give you their recipes. Many, many years ago I got their recipes for Marsala and alfredo sauce. Or maybe you just need to ask the right person. 

7. Build it and they will come. Set up a volleyball net at the beach and within minutes you’ll have a bunch of new friends.  Chad and I proved this countless times in college. 

6.  Lights out. Sunday afternoon naps are vital to basic human survival. 

5.  Smokin‘. A Big Green Egg is about the best gift a man can receive. 

4. With a little help from my friends. If you’ve made it to 50 and still got the same couple of people you’ve called best friends after 20 years, you’re blessed. 

3. A family affair. If your teenage children are still willing to load up in the same car with you and go to the beach and pay for it, you are one blessed man. 

2.  Fight the good fight. It’s not easy to be married for over 25 years to the same person. Just ask my wife. But it’s worth the fight. All of them. 

1.  Jesus. 

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