I’ve been on the Starvation Diet for 4 weeks and I’ve learned a couple of things. 

One, I don’t hate grapefruit. For 50 years I’ve been positive that I loathed it. But I guess when you’re starving you’ll eat tree bark. I actually really like grapefruit even with no stevia. 

Second and on the same note, I’ve always totally believed that cottage cheese was a disgusting industrial by-product that some genius packaged and marketed as a health food (probably the same guy who invented potted meat for the rest of us). However, cottage cheese is one of the few foods on this diet, so I’ve learn to like it. 

Not love it. 

Both of these new realizations have surprised me. I would have argued, fought toe to toe until my death, would have allowed you to jab ice picks into my eyes before I’d put cottage cheese to my lips. 

But things change when you’re hungry. 

Therefore, I continue to amaze myself at how easy it is to hold onto and fight over long held, possibly inherited, preconceived ideas that aren’t based on one scrap of evidence, personal experience or truth. 

One day I hope to stop doing it. 

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