It was the Weather Channel app and it was littered with annoying ads that I couldn’t keep my fat thumb from hitting. I wanted to see the weather, not play a stupid game.

I tolerated it for a long time because I liked the detail it provided once I successfully scrolled to where I wanted to be. But navigating there without a problem was a problem. Will told me repeatedly to use the native iOS weather app. Hey kid, you’re only 11. What do you know? I thought it was too simple.

Finally, instead of tossing my phone out the window I decided to try the native app. It was simple. Sleek. Easy to read. I could swipe to other cities. And no aggravating ads!

So I was happy to sacrifice detailed text about how there was a 40% chance of rain and instead rely on icons. A cloud with raindrops ultimately tells me just as much.

I think we often cloud our minds and lives(pun intended) with too many complications and distractions. It can be much easier.

Spend less than you make.

Consume less calories than you burn.

Sleep 8 hours.

Be grateful.


Love and honor God.

Live the Golden Rule.

Pretty simple applications. Most everything else works out. Heck, just do the last 2.

Jesus said they summed it all up.

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