Will and I love chicken wings. We go out every Monday night and enjoy them. I like to cook and have tried many, many times to find wings in grocery stores to cook at home that are a worthy size, comparable to what you get at the restaurants. No such luck.

I recently thought I should conduct informal surveys to solve this problem. I asked the server at our favorite wing spot and he said that a vendor delivers theirs. So I asked the butcher at the grocery store. He said he didn’t know. He doesn’t eat wings. Really? A butcher who doesn’t eat wings? Probably an anomaly. So I asked another butcher at another store. He doesn’t eat wings either.

What is the world coming to? I get it if the lady in the bakery or the flower department doesn’t eat wings, but the butcher?

How can we trust any butcher who doesn’t eat wings?

So the higher moral to the story is… well, there isn’t one. Get to know your butcher better.

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