It’s late. I’m probably a bit loopy. But I’m laid back in my recliner reading on my Kindle app and I look up to see my TV looking back at me. It’s black, not on. I rarely watch it. But I’m thinking about it. Thinking about it and the Bible sitting next to me. And I believe that’s the great race today. At least the two strongest competing forces for our devotion.

God or the TV.

Or maybe it’s just screens in general. Our phones. Our tablets. Those wacky VR glasses. Or computer screens. Even though Apple is trying to make those irrelevant.

Just anything to distract us from what God is trying to get through to us. There’s no time to read the Bible right now. The Next Great Baker is about to come on.

The Enemy doesn’t need to attack us. He just needs to distract us. The family of five at the restaurant. Everyone is on their phone. Not talking to each other. Not drawing closer to each other. Not sharing about their day. Like checking Facebook or posting phony pictures on Instagram is the most vitally important thing on the planet.

I can’t prove this, but I believe it. There won’t be iPhones, Samsung’s, or 88 inch TV screens in Heaven. Or the other place no one likes to talk about in our politically correct world, but there will be people. And that’s what is important to God.


He wants to connect with His people and He wants His people to connect with Him. And His people.

Not Facebook.

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