The older I get the more I realize that few things truly have a lasting impact on your life.

Yeah, there are the big items. Salvation in Jesus Christ. Marriage. Children. Your first home. Your job. Friends.

But what about the practical, day to day things that on a granular, micro level shift your present reality? Disruptive innovations.

Things that weren’t a “necessity” until they were created. The smartphone is an obvious one.

I discovered a new one today. And coincidently it’s made widely possible by the smartphone.

I’m talking about grocery delivery services, such as Shipt and Instacart. We spent 2-3 hours each Saturday and a couple more times throughout the week busy at the task of getting food and stuff into the house. We accepted it as a way of life.

Then the awesome company I work for, Chronotek, gifted all of us with an annual subscription to both Shipt and Instacart. Working for a company owned by great people is also life-altering. And mind-bending as well. What companies think about the day to day, night to night, weekend to weekend quality of life of their employees?

Mine sure does and I’m grateful.

Last night I spent 20 minutes shopping on the Shipt app, scheduled my delivery for this morning between 9-10 and my personal shopper, Porshea, showed up with my groceries at 9:36am. That puts me about 2.5 hours ahead for the week. That’s 130 hours a year.

Isn’t that life-changing?

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