I want to say happy 26th anniversary to my noble and wonderful wife Sandra Brady. 26 years is a long time. Big number. It takes more than a feeling to get here. More than a sweet emotion or two. It’s been difficult along the way. Sometimes every breath you take is painful. Sometimes it feels like you’re free falling. Love isn’t easy. I guess that’s why they call it the blues. But we’re here. By the amazing grace of God. I’m so thankful that Sandra has had patience with me. Every rose has a thorn and every committed relationship has its struggles. But you press on. You dream on. It becomes more than just the two of us. It’s about our children. Our sons. Our daughters. And their legacies. You learn to walk the line for them. You learn that beauty is only skin deep and you discover the true beauty that God has placed inside of each of us. And some days when it’s hard it takes a lot of faith. You want to go your separate ways, but you don’t. You’re livin’ on a prayer and not much else. And you don’t stop believing because God is good. He is faithful. He will walk you through the tracks of your tears. He will restore the sweet dreams you had in the early days of marriage when your love was full of good vibrations. And I ain’t too proud to beg if necessary. I’m a believer that what God has joined together, nothing will pull apart. You are my girl. I can’t stop loving you. So Sandra, thank you. I loved you then. I love you today. I will love you tomorrow. I will love you forever and ever, amen.

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