I don’t plant things. Especially if these things have to start as a seed or bulb. That’s why we have grocery stores and florists.

But last Fall I was coerced into planting tulip bulbs. I was tempted to toss them into the trash can and be prepared to say to my coercer, “see, nothing grows for me.” But that would be a lie.

So, in the ground they went and my hands got dirty. And they grew! At least some did. The whole planting and sowing process is a miracle. Plant a seed and see something be born from it. It’s amazing. Truly.

On Good Friday over 2000 years ago, a Seed named Jesus was put into the earth and on the third day He blossomed to give life to all who put their faith in Him. One Seed, many, many lives.

That’s a really beautiful thing.

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