When things don’t go our way we often blame someone or something, but does the blame game get us any closer to solving the problem we’re complaining about? Have we moved the dial closer to the life we want by expending the energy to whine and gripe?

Not hardly.

We’re still without, but with less energy to pursue it. The problem still lives, but our momentum is dying. The person or thing or circumstance that we’re blaming isn’t effected, yet we’re emotionally drained. And the person who has to listen to us really doesn’t want to hear it and the more they are exposed to it the less helpful they will be to us. How can they help when we’re sucking the life out of them?

So why bother? Unload your burdens to the Lord. He cares, He has the most ability to help you and He doesn’t get emotionally worn out by you.

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