This is to the convenience store owner who isn’t very cordial to customers. I know that you are the owner because you and your wife are always there. Your store location is very convenient and I guess you’re hoping that’s your golden egg.

It’s not.

We don’t come into convenience stores often anymore because we pay at the pump, but when we do we’d appreciate a little more gratitude. A smile. A thank you. Something more than “$3.98” for my Monster drink and Snickers. You don’t even say please or thank you.

Your store may be convenient, but that doesn’t mean we lack choices. Just the other day I was returning home with Blue and I pulled into your store for gas and made the split second decision to 180 and head around the corner to another convenience store. You see, you aren’t the only game in the neighborhood.

I get to choose where to spend my dollars and we’re living in a time with more choices than ever. More choices of companies selling the same products and services. The difference will be how you treat your customers; how they feel when they leave your store, your website, or when you leave them after performing a service.

You have to try harder. You need to remember that we are humans making decisions and we like to feel appreciated by the people who get our hard-earned dollars.

I don’t mind going out of my way to avoid you getting my money.

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