You know it when it happens to you.

You don’t walk away feeling neutral. You feel something. You feel like WOW!

You know it because you don’t feel it often. It’s rare and unique. It’s special.

I’m talking about amazing customer service. It just happened to me. I saw out my front window a delivery van pull into my driveway and a few seconds leave again. That’s not rare this time of year. But no one came to the door with a package. I walked out to my driveway and found the package. Sitting on the ground, in the rain, getting soaked in its manila packaging. The 2 books inside destined to be ruined had it sat outside all day. Which for most people is likely on a weekday morning. And my covered front porch is only a few short steps away.

No, this isn’t the mind blowing customer service of which I speak.

I am more often inclined to jump on Facebook or Google to leave a business a glowing review, but this irked me. I started an online chat on Amazon and Chura immediately picked up. I explained and she was very empathetic and gracious. In the end she insisted on giving me full credit for the books. I tried to decline because that wasn’t my intentions. Amazon has always given us excellent service and I know from working in customer service that it’s not an accident. It doesn’t just happen. Outstanding customer service is very intentional. So I contacted Amazon because I knew that they would want to know and they did.

And I left the experience an even bigger fan.

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