We attended our church’s candlelight Christmas service tonight and as I held and stared at the flame, a couple of thoughts came to mind.

First was about the attributes of light. Light illuminates. Hence the name. Light. Like the fruit orange is orange. Light also is hot. It burns. A candlelight is fire. So light illuminates and it’s hot.

Second, Jesus told us who believe in Him to be a light unto the world. A light should be seen, it should be visible, especially in the darkness. Have you looked around at our world today?

Is our flame for Jesus burning bright and hot as it once did? As our world grows darker and darker even the dimmest of lights should illuminate a little, but are they? Or are we getting lost and fading into the darkness?

I have a few friends who will often ask me if my latest blog post was about them. No, this one was all me.

But something for all of us to consider as we celebrate the birth of the Light of the World.

Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts

  1. Dennis, thanks for the encouraging words. I pray you and your family have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas. We miss you guys.

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