A friend mentioned a while back that he didn’t agree with the worship song, “Reckless Love”. He didn’t think God was reckless. God is order, not chaos and recklessness. I didn’t have a strong counter to his argument. But I think the Lord gave me one tonight at church.

As the worship band tore into, “Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God“, I got a fresh perspective from the Lord.

God’s love is the supreme reckless act in all of human history. He gave over His Perfect Son to a brutal death to save mankind from Hell. That’s me, you and billions of people throughout history and He knew that billions would reject his free gift. The same God who gave His Son to save us also loved us enough to give us freewill to reject His Son. It’s the irony of ironies. I have a son that I love with every ounce of fiber in my body and if offered the chance to save humanity at the expense of my son, uh maybe. But for the slightest of consideration I would need guaranteed 100% odds that every single person ever born in the history of humankind would accept my gift. According to one estimate that’s over 100 billion people. If every person who ever lived throughout history accepted this gift minus just one, the deal is off the table.

But God is reckless. Infinitely so. His love for you is unfathomable. I believe that He is just the opposite of me. If every human ever born rejected Him except one, I bet He would have still done it.

That’s Good News if you are that one.

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