I was reading in Luke 1 this morning about Zechariah entering the temple of God and meeting the angel Gabriel. Zechariah and his wife, Elizabeth were old and had no children because she was barren. Yet Gabriel told Zechariah that Elizabeth will bear a son and they will name him John. Zechariah responds, “How will I know this? For I am an old man, and my wife is advanced in years.”

In other words, show me a sign. Was the presence of an angel in the temple of God not enough of a sign? Apparently the angel, Gabriel, thought it was, so he gave Zechariah a sign – he made him mute.

It’s almost as if Gabriel was thinking, “I can’t bear your silly questions, so no more talking for you until the baby comes and maybe then you’ll believe me.”

As Christians, we often need a sign when the will of God should be apparent. Or we just ignore the will of God, altogether.

Democrat Christians may despise President Trump for his brash demeanor, his provocative tweets, or maybe his hair, I don’t know. They may even know that Biden and Harris are awful candidates for their party, but they would vote for Ted Bundy before voting for President Trump or maybe any Republican for that matter.

If they truly are Christians, they are ignoring the one huge sign that God has given us – which party supports the systematic murder of living humans in the womb?

Vote for the other party. It’s not that difficult.

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