In my heart of hearts I truly believe that Jesus is returning for His Church soon and it burdens me that you will be left behind in the resulting world. You’ll still have a chance to repent and accept Christ during the following tribulation days, but it will be unbearably hard to keep the faith then. I pray that you would repent now and that today would be the day of salvation for you.

You think that you’re a good person and that’s enough. It’s not. And you’re not. You’re not good. You might do good deeds. You might support worthy causes. You may never utter an ill word towards anyone or about anything. That’s all fine. It shows you have self-control. But examine your heart. What thoughts do you have? All pure and righteous? No, of course not. The Bible says that no one is good and that we’re all sinners worthy of death.

You don’t want to give up having a good time and making your own decisions. You don’t want Christianity to damper your lifestyle. In essence, you’ve made yourself god. The Bible addresses that, too. Luke 9:24 says that if you try to hang onto your life, you’ll lose it, but if you’ll give up your life for Christ you’ll save it.

You reject Christianity because Christians are hypocrites. Guilty as charged. But you are, too. And no offense, how stupid is it to allow your low view of another human being cause you to reject Jesus Christ? He wasn’t and isn’t a hypocrite. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life and He said that He is the only way to Heaven. These words of Jesus Christ are between Him and you, not between you and the people you know who call themselves Christians. You’ll personally have to answer to Jesus one day. The hypocrites won’t be anywhere around.

So, please repent of your sins and choose Christ soon, make it today. Jesus is returning soon in the clouds to gather His children. I hope to see you there.

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  1. Wow, I really enjoyed this post. I have so many unsaved loved ones and it pains me that they don’t see how great our Lord is! All the more reason to pray harder for them!

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