Depending on who you believe, the US has experienced between 12,000 and 193,000 COVID-19 deaths since about March 1. The higher number seems to be the official number, while the lower one is the estimate of deaths attributed solely to the virus itself. All of the others had other major contributing causes – meaning yes, maybe they had Covid-19, but they also had heart issues, diabetes, etc.

For the sake of this discussion, I’ll give you the high number. And because of that high number you think if I cared about other people, I’d wear a mask and socially distance, because that’s what love does, right? So, if this whole mask thing is because of love and concern for other people, and you firmly believe that I should wear a mask, then you would have to agree that the 585,000 or so babies that have been aborted in the US since March 1 is an atrocity.


Because how can people kill 3x more babies than have died of COVID-19 if we are concerned about human life? Yet the politicians and media that want to shame me about a mask don’t give a crap about a murdered baby (or 585,000 of them). This mask thing isn’t about brotherly love (I know I have some friends who do wear a mask out of genuine love and concern and also do NOT support abortion. I’m not talking about you).

I’m referring to the mainstream left media narrative that’s being crammed down our throats. And if you’re an individual who supports the murder of the defenseless unborn and want to judge me for not wearing a mask, please check your vile hypocrisy at the door. After all, if you’re wearing your mask, staying 6ft away from me and washing your hands, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

The babies can’t take such precautionary measures.

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