I’m just spitballing here. No definitive thoughts. Thinking out loud. The kneeling issue at NFL games has divided players, fans and teams and frustrated everyone who pays attention. To kneel or not to kneel? Seems to be the hot button question.

Personally, it bothers me to see players kneel. This country gives grown men of all colors the freedom to play a game for millions of dollars. But it’s such a great country, these players also have the freedom to kneel at the national flag and song without fear of a state bullet to the head. So, there’s my opinion, just to get it out of the way, but this isn’t about my opinion.

My question is why does the anthem need to be played at all? The fans want to see a game. The players want to play. The anthem becomes a divisive distraction. Yes, I know it’s tradition. And I agree that I like paying respect to the USA and all men and women who serve and have served to defend our country, but after all, this is just a game of grown men trying to get a ball across a designated line. Sometimes traditions are sacred cows. We do them so long that we make them holy in some way. The NFL, nor the anthem, are religion.

Is this a cow that needs to be shot so we can just enjoy watching a stupid game?

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