Dear Friends and Family,

A frightening and confusing day is coming for some of you. Shock, horror, and bewilderment will swirl around you like a tornado. Some of your friends and family have vanished, in a twinkling of an eye, too fast for you to notice. You just know that one second they were there, now they aren’t. If I could help you then, I would. Text me, call me, doesn’t matter. I won’t be able to respond. That’s why I want to prepare you now for this coming day.

But honestly, God has been prepping mankind for thousands of years for this one day. The warnings are throughout His Book and good preachers across the decades have announced it from their pulpits. But you’ve ignored it.

So what now?

Your head spins while planes, trains and automobiles crash around you with empty driver seats and cockpits and CNN is interviewing quacks who claim that aliens have invaded and snatched away me and your other loved ones. You need to know the truth.

We are ok. We aren’t held captive in alien spaceships.

You, on the other hand, are in a pickle.

To put it simply, Jesus returned in the clouds and snatched away His true believers, those of us who surrendered our lives to Him and confessed Him as our Lord and Savior. Those who didn’t were left behind.

If that’s you, I truly hate it for you. You’ll soon go through some very tough times called the Great Tribulation in which you’ll have to make a tough decision- God gives you one last chance to receive His Son Jesus as your Lord and Savior or you reject Him again and choose to worship the Antichrist. And you will have to make that choice.

Choosing Christ will impede your ability to buy, sell and travel and may very well get you killed, but you get Heaven as your reward. Or take the short term easy way out and go with the Antichrist. The unquenchable, everlasting fires of Hell await you.

If you want to read more about that day, here’s a link with a few Scriptures:

I truly believe this day is coming soon and for me it’s my “blessed hope”. It can be for you as well.

Think about it and choose now. If not, the day will come and you’ll remember these words with sorrow.

By the way, after that day you’re welcome to anything in my house. Be sure to grab my black duct taped Bible. It has lots of highlighting and scribbled notes in the margins.

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