My parents are gardeners. Me…not so much. The apple fell a little too far away from the tree.(Pause for laughter). But that doesn’t mean I forsake trying. I like tomato sandwiches. So every now and again I will buy a couple of tomato plants and put them in pots to grow(my dad grows his from seed). I am faithful to water them, keep them in the sun and when the time is right, stake them. This year when it was time to stake my two plants, I didn’t have any “proper” tomato stakes. But I couldn’t bear to allow my babies to remain bent over almost broken, so I looked around for a work-around solution. I found one. My 3-wood served a better purpose for my tomato plants than it ever did for me on the golf course. I was happy. I used what I had and didn’t sweat over and or get slowed down by what I didn’t have.

Then today Sandra told me that her friend, who is like a professional gardener came over and gave us some fresh produce from her garden. When Sandra came home she found the bag sitting next to my golf club staked up tomato plant. Sandra laughed. I failed to see the humor. I never proclaimed to know what I was doing and I’m not looking to audition for “The Next Great Gardener” reality show. I just want some tomato sandwiches.

But it makes me think about how it is best at times to use what you have to do something instead of sitting around doing nothing and whining about having nothing. I needed a tomato stake, but didn’t have one. I didn’t say the heck with it or wait until I could get a “proper” one and risk harming my plants in the meantime; I used what I had at my disposal and did something.

So far my plants have survived in spite of my ineptitude and I will be having my first tomato sandwich tonight, albeit a small one, slider size (the orange is included for size comparison).

**side note to Sandra’s friend (you know who you are)…thanks for your produce. We would starve if we relied upon my crop.

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