Following up to my post Friday To Friday, it’s important to note that on any weight loss program, there will be days that we fail.

There will be mornings that the scales read more than the day before.

Sandra and Will made a banana pudding for me on Father’s Day. Then the next day when I traveled to Sin City and back, they made a pecan pie and a French silk chocolate pie.

The devil’s triple threat to torpedo any diet.

So I failed for a couple of days. Was I supposed to be rude and not eat them?

It’s no big deal. I know how to get back on the program. It’s called Myfitnesspal. It is awesome.

As Christians we will have days that we fail also. Don’t fret. God has a plan.

It’s called grace.

Seek forgiveness. Receive it. Move on. Forget about yesterday. God did.

Get back to the abundant life.

You are God’s kid. Royalty. Lift your head.


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