I know that you have anxiously been awaiting a follow up to my Ugly Sandals

Good news to report. Rack Room took my ugly shoes back with no questions, but I didn’t buy anything new. In a 2am up late watching TV stroke of brilliant recall, I remembered a pair of Sperry’s that I abandoned deep in my closet when I dropped paint on them.

I consulted again with my best friend, Google, and researched some ideas on how to redeem these shoes. They were expensive and worth the effort I thought.

What else did I have to do at 2am while catching up on episodes of Longmire?

With a little scrubbing, some mink oil and new shoe laces, they came out pretty good. Close to new. Not perfect, but acceptable.


Salvation is similar. We may be abandoned and lost. Yet God sees a high value in us and when we choose Him, He cleans us up, washes away our sins and makes us new.

We aren’t perfect still, but we are redeemed.



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