I’ve been doing some follow up thinking to Icky Feelings.

A man thinketh too much…

Sometimes when I get the icky feeling that someone doesn’t like me, my first impulse may be to win that person over. Enlighten him to my awesomeness. This has nothing to do with my mild competitive nature.

It has everything to do with my insecurities.

But this is faulty, irrational thinking. If that person doesn’t like me and I try to convince him otherwise, then I’m “putting on” a face that isn’t mine. I could be successful and pull that person over from the darkside, but he will end up liking someone that isn’t really me. And every time I’m around him, I have to be that person I became to make him like me or risk losing his admiration.

Wouldn’t that get confusing? You would have to be a different person for everyone and how would you remember which face you put on for each person? What if you put on the wrong face for someone?

This is all such a waste of time and energy. Very tiring. Fake. Stupid.

Always be the person that God made you to be. He’s happy with you. That is good enough. It will attract the right people to you as genuine friends; people who will love, appreciate and support you. The real you.

And it will protect you from the rest.

Why deprive the world of the real you?

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