The 4th is over and the Big Green Egg is cooled off and resting. It was another fabulous feasting frenzy.

I fired it up Wednesday night for the big slow cook that would ultimately provide much of the meat for the 4th party. But it’s Wednesday night and I’m hungry. The family isn’t at home.

Just a man and his BGE.

I found 2 frozen hamburger patties and one NY strip. Not nearly enough for a meal to feed the entire family. So why leave them stranded in my freezer? They looked so lonely and unappreciated.

I tossed them on the sizzling hot grill, seared them, let them rest, finished to a medium rare perfection and then ate. All of it. A double cheeseburger chased down with a NY strip. Ummm…

Now comes the part in the story that I moan my regrets for eating too much. How I felt sick and bloated and indigestion ruined my night. Or guilt pangs tormented my soul for blowing my diet.

Is that what you expect?

Sorry. Not gonna happen. Meat makes me happy. And I’m living for the line, not the dot on the line.

Yes, it was a big dot. A very big, delicious, juicy one, yet a dot nonetheless.

Today I’m toeing the line. And yes, it’s toeing, not towing. A great explanation found here.

Don’t you feel enlightened now?

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