Today is my 200th post.

It took over 3 years to get here, but who’s counting? Ok, me. More than a third of the total has been written since April. This year.

That’s when I turned this writing thing over to God. I’ve told you about this before. God released me from myself and my need to be read by others. He unbound me from the discouragement that came when no one was reading. The word to me was to write because He gave me the gift to glorify Him. And that would bring all the satisfaction and fulfillment I needed. So I began writing and He has given me something to say almost everyday. To borrow the expression from Chariots of Fire, when I write I feel His pleasure. That’s enough.

But what God has done for me, He will do for others. He will do for you.

What is your gift? You have one or more. What do you love to do? He gave you gifts to exercise for His glory. Don’t let it bother you if your efforts aren’t noticed by others. He notices. And don’t let it worry you if you can’t make a living doing it.

It’s not about making a living. It’s about making a life. One that glorifies our Father.

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