Maybe I messed up the gas/oil mix. It’s possible.

I mentioned in a previous post that my weed eater wouldn’t start. Prior to it not starting at all, it was functioning uncharacteristically sporadic. It would start, sputter and stop. Repeat process.

I went to Lowe’s for answers. The nice lady at Lowe’s asked if I used a fuel additive to help with the ethanol. I can’t remember exactly what she said. Whenever someone starts talking mechanics with me my eyes glaze over and I need a nap. But apparently the ethanol in gasoline is not good for weed eater motors. So instead of having to fool with getting my gas/oil mix right and then using a fuel additive, there is a product called Trufuel that is gas and oil premixed and doesn’t contain ethanol.


Sounds like the best thing since someone accidentally got their peanut butter on someone’s chocolate. Or vice versa.

I was excited to get home and test my new discovery. It was like jet fuel. My Husqvarna hasn’t run that well in years. It sounded so happy. Like the Skipper when he finally got off the island and had his first porterhouse. How did he stay so fat eating bananas and coconuts?

Christians have their own source of jet fuel. It’s the Good News in the Bible. In Staying Current, I mentioned my renewed effort to stay abreast of current events. It’s so depressing. Politicians lie to the public and cheat on their wives. Athletes dope and lie. Children are forced into prostitution.

After a few heavy doses of the daily news, I feel like I’m running on a bad mix. Start, sputter and stop. But when I pump a few Psalms into my system, it feels like jet fuel. The Good News is soooooo good compared to all of the bad news.

It’s all about the right mix.

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