On Monday night I joined with my small group brothers in an accountability pact to eat healthy and exercise.

I’m on day 3. The longest journey begins…yada, yada, yada. But so far so good except for my last walk. I decided to take Toby for more bonding time. We need it. He still thinks I’m the Anti-Christ.

But I discovered that he’s lazier than me. I tried to maintain a brisk pace which totally did not appeal to him. He had to stop and mark off every sign pole, pause for a nap at every shady spot and constantly fought me to turn back and go home.


My daughters have created a divo(male diva in case you didn’t know and I didn’t either).

So I thought that merging my exercise goals with Toby’s reparative therapy was a fantastic idea, however I was proven wrong. It’s happened once before.

I guess that two ideas don’t always mix as well as chocolate and peanut butter.

Now that’s really not good for my diet.

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